Welcome to our #GoGreen Sustainability Programme.
Our integrated platform, committed to a climate positive approach to event production.

Storm is delighted to announce a new partnership with Ecologi. Our new partnership extends our commitment to deliver Climate Positive events & equipment rental within the Entertainment Industry. Alongside our commitment to investing in newer & greener technology, across our full range of equipment and services. From February 2023, we are bringing our sustainable events commitment to our clients. Offering the opportunity to reduce the carbon impact of event production and equipment rental.

We calculate the estimated carbon impact for your event or rental on our quotes. Then, you can opt-in to our #GoGreen Sustainability Programme. Helping to create new forests, restoring habitats and supporting global carbon reduction programs around the world through our platform. Thanks to our friends at Ecologi, from as little as £5.00 you can be part of our #GoGreen Sustainability Programme and join the future of live events.

Sustainable Energy Production

Make your event production carbon negative & climate positive. Our “Zero” option aims to deliver your event production climate positive. Want to go further? Just ask your project manager for your “Zero+” option. We know a small cost now, will make a big impact in the future. Let’s #GoGreen together.

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