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Say Hello to the Storm App

Built with Designers, Technicians and Students in mind. The Storm app has everything you need for planning and preperation through to on-site production. We’ve included some of the most used utilities whilst working on events & productions. Firstly designed with simplicity and ease of use. Secondly, ensuring that everything we included was tailored to give the best user experience possible. Combining some of the most used utilities across the industry. As well as our comprehensive rental catalogue featuring full specifications, videos & manuals into one completely free app. We are excited to bring a tool we hope will be popular and reliable to designers and technicians throughout the entertainment industry.

Our Rental Manager, James says, “Our new app really does offer a new way to interact with us as a business. Giving users 24/7 access, anywhere in the world, and regardless of whether the user has internet access or not is a brilliant feature. I know plenty of times I’ve been needing to look at a manual or DMX chart, then found there’s either no signal or the WiFi’s not working.”

He continues, “Adding the most popular utilities used by freelancers whilst they are working on site was another key feature we wanted to include. This makes our app a universal support tool for any designer or technician. Regardless of what project they are working on. We wanted to be able to offer a tool that can be a benefit to the whole industry. From established designers and technicians and to those just starting out. I really do think our app does just that.”

About our App

A fully interactive Rental Catalogue that includes Equipment Features, Specifications, Videos, Manuals & Data Sheets. Save time searching for information and manuals as they are all included within the Storm app.

A suite of Utilities to become your own assistant whilst working on or off site, including; DIP Switch Calculator, Access Equipment Information, 3 Phase Specifications, Connector Diagrams, IP Ratings, Electrical Formulas, CCT Guide, Audio Delay Calculator, Projection Lens Calculator, Radio Mic Frequencies, Our Colour Codes for Cable and Rigging equipment and of course it wouldn’t be complete without a Torch feature.

Our app doesn’t need to be connected to the internet to browse our rental catalogue or use any of the utilities, it is available to you 24/7 no matter where you are in the world, with or without a connection*.

Storm App shown on an iPhone and iPad

Get in touch with our dedicated and experienced team of industry professionals to discuss your next project directly from our app either by phone or email. 

Collecting or returning a hire? Navigate to our office directly from our app. Let us know you’re on your way and we’ll be sure to have the kettle on.

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We would love to know if you have found our app useful and how you use it most. Please leave us a review on the App Store and help us tell the entertainment industry about our app!

The Storm app is great. Everything you need is there; Specs, DMX Charts & Manuals are easy to find and always to hand. The selection of calculators and tools is a massive bonus. Love the addition of the cable colour codes too!

Sven Jolly, Lighting Designer, Programmer & Production Electrician

How can you get our App?

Our app is available from the App Store for iPhone, iPad & iPod and on Google Play for Android. Just search Storm in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Or go direct by tapping your store badge below.

Further information about our app, it’s features and our Full Press Release can be found on our dedicated micro-site here.

If you have further questions about our app or our services please contact us by phone or visiting our contact page. If you find something in our app that doesn’t quite work as it should. You can let our team know by providing feedback using our dedicated app feedback form here.

* Internet connection is required to download manuals and playback video content. Once you have opened any of the documents in the Files section for the first time, the document will be available to you offline (iOS & iPadOS).

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