Lights Up at Birmingham’s NEC

Storm was delighted to work with the team at DRPG to supply a multi-hall conference and exhibition back in June at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre. Supplying a complete comprehensive lighting package consisting of over 2,500 fixtures. Spread across the multi-hall event including ROBE BMFLs, MegaPointe & Spiider’s, Martin Ultra Performances & Aura XB’s along with SGM Q7, P6 & P10 fixtures.

Data Distribution

This was the prime project for Storm to debut our brand new ProPlex Simple GBS Managed Switches. Along with our expanded stock of ProPlex 2×8 DMX Buffers to provide the backbone of the systems and data network. As the first rental company globally to own the Simple GBS “Blue Boxes”. We were excited to make full use of these on such a sizeable project.

The Simple GBS switches provide easy configuration for multiple VLAN’s and support for entertainment specific protocols. Including, MA-Net, sACN, ArtNet, HogNet, RDMNet, Dante, HippoNet & many more. With twin Quad Fibre ports alongside the standard eight EtherCON ports. The Simple GBS is the perfect managed switch for any system.

“It made complete sense to continue our long-term partnership and investment with TMB and their ProPlex data distribution products. The proven reliability of ProPlex hardware gave us complete confidence in expanding our inventory with their latest hardware.” Storm’s Hire Manager, James says.

Mains Distribution

This project also made use of our recent investment in Indu Electric’s 72 Way Socapex Distro’s. Providing the mains distribution for the lighting package. “Knowing we had top of the line fixtures from Robe, Martin & SGM. Along with the data and mains distribution from Indu & TMB. We knew this was a lighting package with true reliability and performance across the whole system.” Continues James.

We also made use of our existing ProPlex hardware. With both the 8 & 16 Way Data Distribution racks which are ideal for a “ready to roll” data distribution package. Featuring a ProPlex node (8 or 16 way), GBS 10 Port Switch, 6x 2×8 DMX Buffer and fully backed up with a UPS.

The lighting system, controlled by two full size grandMA3’s. Paired with a series of both Medium & Large PU’s. Provided additional distributed data processing. As well as being configured with full redundancy through the entire network. Reducing any opportunity for single point failures.

Lights Up at Birmingham’s NEC