Storm Says Go Eugenius! at The Other Palace

Eugenius! – the most hotly anticipated new musical you’ve never seen has kicked off a strictly limited run at The Other Palace in Victoria, London.

There’s been plenty of underground word-of-mouth, and one off ‘concert’ performance – a sold-out, queues-round-the-block, one-nighter at the London Palladium. The show was lit by Andrew Ellis with Storm supplying the lighting equipment.

Written by Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins. This new coming-of-age musical follows sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast Eugene as he tries to create his own comic book movie. Eugene draws comic book stories in between being bullied at school and coping with a disappointing family life.

Eugene is a geek who spends his time creating a comic strip for an original superhero. Tough Man – catchphrase, “He’s tough but fair/And he has perfect hair!”. This muscle-bound prodigy travels through the universe with his sidekick, Super Hot Lady. However, there is one chink in his armour.

His powers are weakened if he touches a woman. However after winning a competition, he leaves all that behind and soon finds himself in Hollywood. Writing a movie based on his ‘Tough Man’ and ‘Super Hot Lady’ characters.

However, little does he know, his comic book villain actually exists. Evil Lord Hector turns up on set ready to kill Tough Man. Will Eugene be able to step into his hero’s shoes and save the world?

Thankfully Eugene manages to overcome his fears and reclaim his story. Discovering the true origins of his beloved Tough Man along the way. Superbly enhanced by Andrew’s creative lighting design. Featuring both bright & bold colours of Hollywood. As well as some truly special moments between Eugene and Janey. Likewise, ensuring Ferris wasn’t forgotten about throughout the show which was beautifully lit. It certainly made the show a joy to watch and made sure you were engaged at all times.

Storm’s Rental Manager, James comments: “We were really pleased to supply the equipment for this brilliant production of Eugenius. It was great to work with Andrew. Providing everything needed to do the brilliant work on the production. We aim to continue to build close relationships with lighting designers. Therefore it is key to supporting them with any projects they have whilst delivering our high quality of service.”


Storm Says Go Eugenius! at The Other Palace