Vari*Lite VL2600 Arrives At Storm

VariLite VL2600 Profile Available for Hire

The new Philips Vari*Lite VL2600 range of LED moving head luminaries from Philips Entertainment Lighting has been designed as a smaller, brighter and lighter LED alternative to the popular VL2500 Spot and Wash moving heads. The long-time industry favourites in mid-sized professional show lighting applications.

The Philips Vari*Lite VL2600 range combines world-leading LED light source engineering with the renowned quality, colour palette and performance of the Philips Vari-Lite brand. In terms of light quality, output power, reliability and cost. The 3 fixtures in the VL2600 range are simply the highest performing luminaires. As well as the most attractive investment proposition in their class.

Having listened to the wishes of customers worldwide. Philips Entertainment Lighting has exceeded the output of the Philips Vari*Lite VL2500. Whilst also expanding the available package and its potential applications with the addition of a dedicated Profile fixture. Plus the added advantage of a beam-shaping system within the Wash fixture. At the same time, the compact form factor has been retained.

The Profile offers an updated, more saturated, but still familiar Philips Vari*Lite CMY colour mixing system with variable CTO colour correction, high-colour temperature (7200 K) output, a class-leading wide zoom range (7-48˚) and a flat and even field of light at any beam angle. And, of course, it delivers all the effects and features that users expect of the Philips Vari-Lite brand.

In designing the VL2600, Philips Entertainment Lighting has prioritized the twin goals of top-class performance and cost-effective ownership. By far the brightest in its class, the Vari*Lite VL2600 range is tough and reliable, compact and lightweight, easy to service and maintain thanks to its shared parts, and built to withstand the rigours of a touring environment. Making the VL2600 the most attractive new proposition for those in television, professional theatre, corporate events and concert touring applications.

Storm’s Rental Manager, James, adds “The VL2600 Profile is a brilliant new addition to our rental fleet of moving lights. The unit packs a huge number of features whilst maintaining the quality light output and effects you expect from Vari-Lite. It also gives a major boost to our ongoing comitment towards LED fixtures. The fixtures have already proved popular with a number of our clients and dry hire rental partners.”

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Vari*Lite VL2600 Arrives At Storm