Storm Launches the Storm App

Today, Storm are very excited to announce the launch of the Storm App. An app that features a comprehensive rental catalogue with detailed information about each product including; Specifications, Accessories and direct access to Manuals, Datasheets and DMX Charts. The Storm app also includes key utilities used by many freelancers whilst working on productions. Including; DIP Switch Calculator, IP Ratings, Electrical Calculator, 3 Phase Information, Audio Delay Calculator along with many more utilities.

The Storm App has been designed to give users quick and easy access to product information and easy access to on-site utilities to help technicians. The Storm app reduces time spent finding documents and having multiple apps installed. All whilst enabling greater productivity across departments.

Storm wanted to provide an app that was accessible to all users within the entertainment industry. It was built with both established designers, technicians and crew. As well as those just starting out in the industry in mind througout the development process.

Storm’s Rental Manager, James says, “Our new app really does offer a new way to interact with us as a business. Giving users 24/7 access, anywhere in the world, regardless of whether the client has internet access or not is a brilliant feature. I know plenty of times I’ve needed to look at a manual or DMX chart, then had to spend the next 10 minutes looking for it either online or in the production drawes. This way, they’re already in your hand without any effort at all.”

He continues, “Adding the most popular utilities used by freelancers whilst they are working on site was another key feature we wanted to include. This makes our app a universal support tool for any designer or technician. Regardless of what project they are working on. We wanted to be able to offer a tool that can be a benefit to the whole industry. From established designers and technicians and to those just starting out. I really do think our app does just that.”

How To Get Our App

The Storm App is available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play Store from 16th June 2021.

For more information on the Storm App, including detailed app functions and how to enter our launch competition visit our dedicated micro-site:

Storm Launches the Storm App