Approved Supplier to Young V&A

Approved Supplier to Young V&A

Storm is delighted to announce we are now an approved production supplier to the newly refurbished Young V&A Museum. Offering a bright and dramatic space with both modern and traditional features. The first museum in the world dedicated to children from birth to early teens. We are excited to be able to work in this stunning new venue.

Co-designed with children and young people. Young V&A is a free, national museum designed to showcase the power of creativity in children’s lives as they build new skills and develop the creative confidence needed to thrive in our fast-changing world.

The museum’s three permanent galleries – Imagine, Play and Design – will showcase around 2,000 objects from across the V&A’s vast collection of art, design and performance in surprising and inspiring ways.

Find out more about this venue here.

Ecologi x Storm

Storm announces new sustainability partnership with Ecologi
Ecologi x Storm

Storm is delighted to announce a new partnership with Ecologi. Our new partnership extends our commitment to deliver Climate Positive events & equipment rental within the Entertainment Industry. Alongside our commitment to investing in newer & greener technology, across our full range of equipment and services. From February 2023, we are bringing our sustainable events commitment to our clients. Offering the opportunity to reduce the carbon impact of event production and equipment rental.

We calculate the estimated carbon impact for your event or rental on our quotes. Then, you can opt-in to our #GoGreen Sustainability Programme. Helping to create new forests, restoring habitats and supporting global carbon reduction programs around the world through our platform. Thanks to our friends at Ecologi, from as little as £4.80 you can be part of our #GoGreen Sustainability Programme.

How Does It Work?

Make your event production carbon negative & climate positive. Our “Zero” option aims to deliver your event production climate positive. Want to go further? Just ask your project manager for your “Zero+” option. We know a small cost now, will make a big impact in the future. Let’s #GoGreen together.

You can keep track of how our global forest projects & carbon reduction programmes are coming along by checking out our dedicated #GoGreen page. Or by following our social media platforms, where we will be sharing milestones, along with other ways you can help us deliver more sustainable events this year.

Ecologi Logo

NB: Estimated carbon impact is just that. We factor in all elements we supply to your event. However we can’t factor in any unexpected changes during your event or rental. We aim to have added your commitment via our platform within 14 working days after your event or rental ends. If you’d like to know when your event or rental’s commitment has been added, please just ask your project manager.

Storm Makes Further Investment with TMB

ProPlex Simple GBS 10

We are pleased to announce another significant investment with TMB. Our latest investment sees the expansion of our stock of ProPlex Data Distribution hardware. We are excited to be the first company globally to take delivery of TMB’s new ProPlex Simple GBS 10. A managed switch offering both Fibre & EtherCON input / output’s with support for trunk’s, offering reliable backup connectivity.

The Simple GBS 10 switches provide easy configuration for multiple VLAN’s and support for entertainment specific protocols. Including, MA-Net, sACN, ArtNet, HogNet, RDMNet, Dante, HippoNet & many more. With twin Quad Fibre ports alongside the standard eight EtherCON ports. The Simple GBS is the perfect managed switch for any system.

ProPlex Simple GBS 10
ProPlex Simple GBS 10

“ProPlex provides a fully flexible and reliable solution for our growing networking requirements.” says Storm’s Rental Manager, James. “Since the return of live events in full this year. Shows are getting larger and thus requiring more complex solutions to deliver the show. Being able to roll a complete system in and out of a venue quickly is an important factor to being able to do this. This latest investment allows us to broaden our networking capabilities to stay at the forefront of technical systems.”

Storm’s Director, Dave adds, “The ProPlex software and devices continue to be intuitive and very easy to use. As well as being both powerful and reliable, which is exactly what we are looking for. The Simple GBS 10 combined with our IQ 1616‘s, IQ One‘s and ProPlex Opto-Splitters makes data routing extremely easy when dealing with all different types of rental applications. We’re looking forward to getting this kit out on the road on our upcoming projects. Thanks again to the support from TMB.”

TMB is exclusive distributor worldwide for ProPlex Data Distribution.

Storm Launches the Storm App

Storm Launches the Storm App

Today, Storm are very excited to announce the launch of the Storm App. An app that features a comprehensive rental catalogue with detailed information about each product including; Specifications, Accessories and direct access to Manuals, Datasheets and DMX Charts. The Storm app also includes key utilities used by many freelancers whilst working on productions. Including; DIP Switch Calculator, IP Ratings, Electrical Calculator, 3 Phase Information, Audio Delay Calculator along with many more utilities.

The Storm App has been designed to give users quick and easy access to product information and easy access to on-site utilities to help technicians. The Storm app reduces time spent finding documents and having multiple apps installed. All whilst enabling greater productivity across departments.

Storm wanted to provide an app that was accessible to all users within the entertainment industry. It was built with both established designers, technicians and crew. As well as those just starting out in the industry in mind througout the development process.

Storm’s Rental Manager, James says, “Our new app really does offer a new way to interact with us as a business. Giving users 24/7 access, anywhere in the world, regardless of whether the client has internet access or not is a brilliant feature. I know plenty of times I’ve needed to look at a manual or DMX chart, then had to spend the next 10 minutes looking for it either online or in the production drawes. This way, they’re already in your hand without any effort at all.”

He continues, “Adding the most popular utilities used by freelancers whilst they are working on site was another key feature we wanted to include. This makes our app a universal support tool for any designer or technician. Regardless of what project they are working on. We wanted to be able to offer a tool that can be a benefit to the whole industry. From established designers and technicians and to those just starting out. I really do think our app does just that.”

How To Get Our App

The Storm App is available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play Store from 16th June 2021.

For more information on the Storm App, including detailed app functions and how to enter our launch competition visit our dedicated micro-site:

Storm Receives Lifeline Grant

Storm Receives Lifeline Grant

Storm Lighting has been awarded a Grant  as part of the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund (CRF) to help face the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and to ensure they have a sustainable future, the Culture Secretary has announced today.

Storm Lighting is one of 1,385 cultural and creative organisations across the country receiving urgently needed support. The £257 million of investment has been announced today. As part of the very first round of the Culture Recovery Fund grants programme being administered by Arts Council England. Further rounds of funding in the cultural and heritage sector are due to be announced over the coming weeks.

Storm Ltd have been an important part of the Creative supply chain for 25 years. This lifeline will enable the servicing of existing immovable Running costs. This aid is a huge help to the continuation of Storm as a Company of which we are truly thankful. It will go a long way to ensure survival of our company. Including our ability to assist with the rebuilding of work within the creative industry.

Culture creates jobs, supports livelihoods, and brings joy to everyone. The UK leads the world in the creative industries and we can all feel pride in that. 

Now, in these challenging times, it’s our turn to show our support for culture. With an unprecedented investment through the £1.57bn Cultural Recovery Fund. The government is #HereForCulture so it can weather the storm of coronavirus and come back stronger. 

And we are #HereForCulture too. 

#HereForCulture is a movement that unites the public, government and cultural organisations in support of our fantastic cinemas, theatres, music venues, museums, galleries and heritage. 

We want people to make sure that where they are able to visit local culture venues in their communities, they do so in a covid secure way. Plus, with more and more culture being curated online, there is no better time to support and enjoy all the new and exciting ways culture is available to us. 

By being #HereForCulture, we aren’t just supporting the people in the industry, we’re also supporting communities across the country.



#LightItInRed is a UK based direct action lighting protest that is scheduled to take place on the night of Monday 6th July 2020 to draw attention to the critical condition of the UK live event and entertainment industry and its need for special government support to see it through to re-starting.

Since early March, the events industry has been mostly without work. All kinds of major events are currently prohibited due to the COVID-19 crisis. Corporate events, conferences, concerts, festivals, weddings, trade shows and theatrical performances are no longer able to go ahead. This is leaving an entire industry dormant, with over twenty-five thousand businesses and over half a million workers throughout the UK directly suffering the ill effects.

About #LightItInRed

Companies from all across the events industry, as well as event locations, (event centres, convention centres, conference hotels, theatres, concert halls, playhouses and nightclubs) throughout the UK are invited to join together on the night of the 6th of July 2020. By lighting their buildings, or buildings in their region, red in order to draw attention to the dramatic situation in the event industry we can make a statement that can’t be ignored. We were the first ones out, and will be the last ones back in.

The #LightItInRed’s campaign goal is to have a conversation with politicians and the government about how the billion-pound events industry can be saved from a massive wave of insolvency and how the preservation of over half a million jobs can be ensured. The events industry is a complex industry made up of many different trades and disciplines. For this reason, the events industry as a whole has no central lobby. Our action is aimed at the general public to draw attention to the dramatic situation of the event. In order to do this we need a large scale campaign that takes place all across the UK and has an extensive media reach. For all those involved in this event the action is to simultaneously light buildings and structures across the nation. The selected buildings and structures will be illuminated in red on the night of the 6th of July 2020. Images and videos of the illuminated buildings and structures can be uploaded and posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag #LightItInRed – so that anyone interested can look at the nationwide installations online and support the movement.​

The events industry urgently needs a bailout until the markets returns, including:​

1. Grants made available to businesses in the events supply chain
2. Furlough scheme extended until the industry is back to work
3. Extension of the self-employment scheme, tailored towards the industry

​Inspired by Germany’s #NightOfLight, Germany have recognised their events industry, now it is time for our government to do the same before it is too late!

Visit for more information. To see the buildings involved, just search #LightItInRed on any social media platform

Watch the #WeMakeEvents Video

Somerset House

Somerset House Announcement
Somerset House in the heart of central London

Storm are delighted to announce our Accreditation as a Production Supplier to Somerset House. We are very much looking forward to having the opportunity to produce creative and unique events within this beautiful venue.

Somerset House is a large Neoclassical building situated on the south side of the Strand in central London, overlooking the River Thames, just east of Waterloo Bridge. The Georgian building, which was built on the site of a Tudor palace belonging to the Duke of Somerset, was designed by Sir William Chambers in 1776. It was further extended with Victorian wings to the east and west in 1831 and 1856 respectively. The East Wing is now part of the adjacent Strand campus of King’s College London. Suitable for staging events of all styles and sizes.

Read the full venue information here.

Old Royal Naval College

Old Royal Naval College
Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London

Storm are delighted to announce our Accreditation as a Production Supplier to the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich. After a completing a thorough accreditation process. We are very excited to work alongside the brilliant events team.

Just minutes away from central London. The Old Royal Naval College is the jewel of Greenwich and the perfect setting for all kinds of events. Whether you seek grandeur or intimacy, you will find it at Sir Christopher Wren and Nicholas Hawksmoor’s historic masterpiece. Considered to be ‘the finest and most dramatically sited architectural and landscape ensemble in the British Isles’ (UNESCO). With the ability to cater for events, big or small, opulent or intimate. Whatever you are planning, you will find the perfect venue to suit your occasion.

You can read the full Venue information here.